Venice and Veneto

While the region of Veneto is practically synonymous with its most unique and famous city of Venice, there is an array of landscapes and lovely cities to enjoy, as well. Venezia, with its once-dominant republic, brought fame and prosperity to the area that spread throughout the region. The watery city on the Adriatic Sea is one of the most unusual and impossible places on earth and is a must-see. Its palaces, churches, bridges and back streets, all without cars, is an historic and gorgeous city.

But Veneto is so much more! The region's territory sweeps from the Venetian lagoon to fertile plains, gentle hills and soars up to the rocky spires of the Dolomite Mountains. There are countryside towns, art cities, industrial centers, beach resorts and ski centers.

Lake Garda is divided in half with its eastern shore in Veneto, along with Italy's biggest amusement parks. The Brenta River, lined with sumptuous palaces slices through its plains, and Cortina d'Ampezza, probably the most elite of Italy's ski resorts lies in the peaks in the northern part of the region.

Romantic Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, is a lovely town with a 2000-year old Roman arena still in use. Padova, the "City of Saint Anthony," boasts fresoces by Giotto and medieval monuments, while Treviso has a classy historic center worth exploring. Vicenza was elegantly adorned by Palladio's sophisticated designs and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The region's wines are well-known, too: Prosecco, Valpolicella, Amarone, and Bardolino are produced in Veneto. The fare varies from seafood to hearty mountain stews, with rice and polenta showing up on the table as much as pasta.

Veneto offers a complete holiday destination, with a combination of tourist attractions, grand cities, beautiful countryside, alpine lake, and glorious mountains to explore.


Rising like a magical city from the waters, Venice is an other-worldly kind of place, an impossible beauty.


Padua is often overlooked as a destination, which is a shame as it is a vibrant art city.


Visiting Verona is a dive into the ancient emotions of a city that, even with a constant and modern expansion, preserves all the values of the splendid medieval and Renaissance ages.


Murano is an island located northeast of Venice, along the Canal Marani.


Treviso is a tony town located halfway between Venice and the Dolomites, a lesser-known city but one worth exploring.


Asiago is a marvellous village situated on a high plateau in the Veneto region of Northern Italy.


An Italian poet dubbed Asolo the "city of a hundred horizons" and its setting among foothills and mountains certainly gives that impression.


A lovely small city in Veneto region is famous as the center of Prosecco country.


On the plains at the base of the Venetian foothills, Marostica is a well-preserved medieval city.


Possagno lies at the foot of the Venetian Prealps, on the buttress of Mount Grappa.


Located between the Venetian Prealps and the Berici hills, Vicenza is one of the oldest cities in the Veneto region.

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano is a flourishing town located at the foot of Mount Grappa (1715 metres high), at the outlet of the valley of River Brenta.


Belluno offers a dramatic setting with the dazzling backdrop of the jagged peaks of the Dolomites.


The island of Burano probably owes its name to the ancient door of Altino, the Boreana door that those who escaped here at the time of the barbarian invasions decided to remember.


Chioggia is one of the most important towns in the province of Venice.


Cittadella is a beautiful walled town placed perfectly between Padua, Venice, Verona and Vicenza.


Dolo rests on the Brenta River, the waterway that connected Venice with Padova and cities further inland.

Montecchio Maggiore

Montecchio Maggiore is located in the Veneto region, between Padova and Verona.

Piombino Dese

Piombino Dese is the only town in Italy washed by 5 rivers: Sile, Zero, Dese, Draganziolo and Marzanego.


Rovigo lies between Ferrara and Padova and is brushed by sea breezes from the nearby Po River Delta.

Arquà Petrarca

Arquà Petrarca is a tidy medieval town that maintains its original charm and is considered the "pearl of the Euganean Hills".


The village of Castelbaldo is at a crossroads and sited between the Fratta and Adige rivers, which made it a strategic place through the centuries.

Castelfranco Veneto

Castelfranco Veneto is a lovely gem set between the cities of Treviso, Padova, and Vicenza.


Eraclea is on the Gulf of Venezia, just a short distance from the famed city but a tranquil getaway without many tourists.


Miane is a town in Veneto region that is cradled in the foothills of the Alps in the province of Treviso.

Negrar di Valpolicella

Negrar di Valpolicella is surrounded by wine country in the hills near Verona, making it a central location for seeing many northern Italy sights.


Portobuffole' may be the smallest town in the province, but it packs a pretty punch.

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