A few words from Luca...


Hello! My name is Luca, and I guess that if we were a large corporation you could call me the "CEO" of Summer In Italy.

Instead, we are proud to be a small business, focused on the happiness of our customers, so just call me Luca. ;-)

I'd like to grab this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, and to share with you the story of how we got started.

In 1995 my mom was teaching at her school in Salerno, Italy, when a colleague of hers asked whether we would be willing to rent our summer house in the Cilento National Park to her sister Sandra and her brother-in-law from Germany. After a brief consultation within the family we gladly agreed, and that year our German guests spent a few weeks in our villa in Perdifumo.

Much to our surprise, in 1996 we received a phone call from Sandra, asking whether we would agree to rent our villa again, this time for a longer period. She had talked about Cilento to some friends and they wanted to spend their summer there.

The year after that we had to ask friends and relatives if they wished to rent their own summer villas, as we could not accommodate all the people who were calling to ask for a nice house near the seaside. And so we started managing their properties...

For five years we based our activity exclusively on word-of-mouth, satisfying more and more guests every year. Also, year after year new friends kept asking us to manage their villas. In response to these increased demands, we have setup this website in 2001. Well, not the version you are seeing today, of course. At the time the technology was quite different. You know, the first iPad would only be unveiled nine years later :-)

Regardless, that website served us well. It got us in touch with hundreds of Italian property owners and thousands of foreign travelers. As we grew, we carefully selected a skilled, dedicated team, to keep up our job of offering support and advice to travelers seeking accommodations. At the same time we carried on traveling ourselves throughout our beautiful country, to meet property owners in person and pick "quality villas and holiday homes in the most enchanting spots of Italy", as our home page puts it.

On SummerInItaly.com we are proud to present the results of such selection. Beautiful villas and apartments, each of which offers a unique combination of location, amenities, views and, yes, price. And, of course, here you will be able to meet our highly experienced team. To tell the truth, I am tempted to brag about our staff a little bit now, but let me not set your expectations. Rather, you try, and then let me know how they did ;-)

Finally, I would like to invite you to browse our properties and visit this magical land where we live. I am sure you will remember this trip for the rest of your life!