The Cilento National Park has plenty of hidden treasures to discover and Masaniello Tours can help you experience them in fun, unique ways. They offer a range of tours around the Cilento and the Campania region.

  • See the Cilento Coast from the water on a sun-drenched boat trip along the shore, where you'll swim in transparent water by the mythical island of Licosa. You can enjoy a day of sun, swimming and a fantastic homemade lunch onboard your boat, for a fun sea-day experience.
  • Or learn how mozzarella di bufala and other regional products are made with the Food and Wine Tour, a day of tasting the best the area has to offer in foods and wines. Nicola will organize a range of activities to show you his home region - from the Greek temples of Paestum, to the charming alleys and pretty piazzas of the Cilento's town. He can organize cooking classes, delicious Home Food meals (where you eat homemade dishes with a Cilento family), boat trips, coastal tours and more! Contact Nicola to plan your authentic Cilento experience.
  • Take a drive or boat trip along the Amalfi Coast, to Pompeii or to Sorrento, stopping at the best spots to take a swim or enjoy lunch. Every outing can be personalized and customized for you!

Nicola is a licensed and certified Campania tour guide, so he can be your guide for any of the attractions in the region, including the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples and more.

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