Windsurfing in Campania

Windsurfing is an exilarating sport, an experience that defines emotion and life!

If you are keen on windsurfing and want to enjoy the sea, the sun and the fresh air of the Thyrrenian Sea (the stretch of Mediterranean off the western coast of Italy) we have some great spots for you!

These are our picks for the best places in the Campania region (which overs the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Cilento National Park, and the islands of Capri and Ischia.)

Ischia and Procida

The two islands in the bay of Naples might be less popular and less trendy than the famous Capri, but are ideal to look around for some nice spots where to surf and enjoy the wind. There are plenty of coves to put into. On Ischia, try Sant'Angelo which has constant winds.

Torre Gaveta

Leaving Naples behind and going towards North, you will find Torre Gaveta. Following the road to Cuma you will end up in a beautiful little bay, about 500 meters wide, covered on the South side by a high rock coast and on the North sheltered by a landing stage. Lefts with S/E swells, rights with S/W and N/W.

Capo Miseno

To the South of Torre Gaveta, just passed Monte di Procida, there is another spot called Capo Miseno. Conditions are more or less the same than Torre Gaveta. Be aware of the rocks on the right. Works with S/E, S/W and N/W.


Charming spot on the magic Amalfi Coast, where a constant breeze of 14-18 knots provides ideal conditions even to practice kite-surf! Meeting point of all local surfers.


Surfers headed to the hydillic town of Praiano will appreciated being able to rent equipment at the beach of La Praia. Fellow local surfers will share advice and will make the experience unique.Charming spot on the magic Amalfi Coast, where a constant breeze of 14-18 knots provides ideal conditions even to practice kite-surf! Meeting point of all local surfers.


The city of Salerno offers two spots: Irno and Lungomare Ovest. You will find the former where the River Irno, which crosses Salerno, flows into the sea. It works with West Swells but needs windless conditions. The latter, Lungomare Ovest, is the western promenade along the sea of the city. There are nice waves with west swells. Sandy sea-bed, perfectly suitable for those who like long-board spots.

Lido Lago

Driving southwards along the Salerno's coastline, you will reach a decentralized area called "litoranea or costa sud": it is a large promenade with a pine-wood nearby the beach, where you will find the f beach resort "Lido Lago". Good spot with western swells, overhead peaks and sandy bottom. Waves tend to close irregularly.

Punta Licosa

This charming spot around the Licosa Cape (the cape that closes the bay of Santa Maria di Castellabate to the south) has great potentials. Rocky sea-bed and regular waves.

Capo Palinuro

Breakers just fabulous with West and North/West swells. Located to the Northern side of Palinuro, along the national road SS 447. Holds up to 2,5 metres. You will enjoy crystalline pure waters while nobody's out having a bath.

Pisciotta – Acquabianca

You will find it along the coastline of the Cilento National Park, precisely in the village of Acquabianca, just after Pisciotta's pier. From Salerno drive onto the highway "Salerno-Reggio Calabria", then exit in Battipaglia and continue southwards. Lefts and rights with barrel sections. Holds 2,5 metres and over. Not much frequented spot with a sandy bottom and limpid waters.

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