A thrill ride that zooms 150 kilometers an hour will let you soar from a mountain south of Rome. This adrenaline-pumping zip line is near the Alban Hills, roughly between Velletri and Colleferro, and not far from Valmontone.

Tucked up in the Monti Lepini, the town of Rocca Massima is the highest in the Latina province, at about 800 meters above sea level. It overlooks a vast landscape that includes the Pontina plains, the park of Circeo, and the coast of Nettuno and Anzio, along with the Roman hills. It is a spectacular viewpoint, and a great way to see it all is suspended from the zip-line where your view will be completely unimpeded!

Go to the ticket office and get your pass to fly like a falcon. You can reserve in advance but they also keep slots open for guests who haven't pre-booked. It is billed as the fastest and longest zip line in the world, so thrill seekers will definitely want to check this out! You can see more information or book online at their website.

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Address in Rocca Massima:

Via del Carmine, 39.