We understand; sometimes you need to be connected, even when you're on vacation. While beach areas in Italy aren't infamous for their internet, there are some places where you can check email and surf the web along the Amalfi Coast. Here's a run-down:


Amalfi Servizi. Piazza dei Dogi, 8. A copy shop on the piazza, they also have a couple of computers for public internet use.


Bar Birecto. Piazza Umberto. Enjoy the atmosphere of the piazza with a cappuccino or a glass of vino while you surf the net on one of their laptops, or bring your own.


Net Art Cafe. Via del Brigantino 1. Part art gallery, part cafe, part internet point - this is a good place to connect in Positano.


Mailboxes, Etc. Via Tasso, 19. Packing and shipping (for your souvenirs!), currency exchange, copy shop, and internet point - this place does it all!

Bar Insolito. Corso Italia, 38. Swanky nightclub in the evening, coffee bar and internet point by day in central Sorrento.

Sorrento Internet Point. Via Fuoro, 60. The name sort of sums it up!


Cafe degli Artisti. Via Cristofo Colombo, 35. On the beach in Vietri sul Mare, there are a few computer terminals in this cafe, that becomes a dance club at night.


If you have your own computer, tablet, or smart phone for surfing, there are some hot spots available around the coast. As a general rule, the big hotels offer wireless, so parking yourself in their general vicinity might score you some free wi-fi.

Other known hot spots include:

MAIORI: The port area has free wi-fi, courtesy of the comune. Get your access pass from the information center or town hall; you'll need to show a photo ID.

POSITANO: The beach in Positano is wired up -or unplugged, as the case may be- with wi-fi for all.

SORRENTO: Piazza Tasso has a wi-fi zone. There is also wireless at the Gelateria Bouganvillea in Corso Italia 16, and Caffe San Vincenzo in via degli Aranci 107.

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