A lovely hamlet that is part of Massa Lubrense, the frazione of Annunziata is a characteristic borgo. Set at 200 meters above the sea, it has stunning view of the coast and of Capri. In fact, the belvedere (overlook) is very popular with wedding couples for their photos, and for romantic summer sunsets.

Annunziata has long been part of Massa Lubrense's historic center and tied to it for centuries. The hamlets around here are all connected by footpaths, which makes it great for walking enthusiasts. A short walk takes you to the old town of Massa Lubrense and the other outlying hamlets around here.

The tiny village offers old world appeal with its alleys and stair-stepped lanes, all leading down to a small park with gazebo and paved overlook for the views. At the entrance to the hamlet is an ancient stone defensive tower (you can rent it here https://www.summerinitaly.com/holiday-home/torre-petra). There is a handful of houses staggered on the hill, an excellent restaurant, the church and the antique castle. It is all sighted in reach of Sorrento and the beaches, but set apart to be in its own cozy world.

The church is of course dedicated to the Annunziata (the annunciation of Mary) and has a convent attatched. Behind it is the remains of the castle with its round tower and bastions. Down at the bottom beyond the park is the Villa Rossi, also popularly known as Villa Murat, where the King of Naples made history by signing the caputiulation papers for Capri here in 1808.

Closeby is the Marina della Lobra, where you can rent a boat, grab a water taxi to Capri and board a coastal cruise tour. Across the peninsula is the Marina del Cantone, with a larger beach, more service providers and restaurants. Out towards the heights and the point of the peninsula where the Bay of Naples meets the Bay of Salerno, you'll find many hiking trails.

From here you can visit all the sights on the Sorrento coast as well as the Amalfi coast, and the island of Capri!

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