The Parco Virgiliano is a terraced garden that offers a green oasis in the center of Naples. Located in the Posillipo neighborhood, it offers breathtaking views that take in the Amalfi Coast, the Gulf of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius, as well as the city of Naples itself. The park is behind the lovely church of Santa Maria in Piedigrotta, near the Mergellina train station.

The park is dedicated to the Roman poet Virgil (born Publius Virgilius Maro, 70 BC-19 BC), whose tomb is placed on the grounds. A shrine on the hill's slopes, built in 1668 by the Spanish Viceroy Pietro of Aragon, bears inscriptions which attest to the presence of the ancient writer's resting place here. A bust of the poet was placed in the park in 1931 by the students of the Ohio Academy. Another important monument to another influential writer of a different era is the Tomb of Giacomo Leopardi, who was born in Recanati (Le Marche) but died in Naples in 1838. He is one of Italy's most famous poets.

The Parco Virgiliano is also known as the Park of Remembrance, in honor of the fallen warrior of World War I. Among the terraces and greenery are shady umbrella pines, a playground for kids, a sports field, and an amphitheater where outdoor events are held in the summer months.

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