A new theatrical "exhibit" will bring the history and beauty of the ancient Roman forums to life using special effects. Take a journey into the ancient world where "the stones speak" and tell you through the reach of the ages about the time of the emperors.

There are two "journeys" - the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar.

  • The Forum of Augustus uses music, video and special effects, along with an audio-guide in eight languages, to recreate the Imperial Era of Rome under Augustus, the stunning achievements and expansion under his rule.
  • The Forum of Caesar starts with the Temple of Venus built by Julius Caesar and is a "walking theater" - you go through Trajan's Forum and then underground to the Imperial Forum, with special effects and music playing out the history of ancient Rome and the persona of Julius Caesar in stunning visual detail.

The shows take place in the evenings from April through November of 2018, and you can buy tickets for one or both shows. This stunning technological spectacular brings history to life. Buy tickets online at the Viaggio nei Fori website.

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Address in Rome:

Forum of Augustus Via Alessandrina.

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