Collazzone is located on top of a 170-metre-high hill, very well connected with Perugia and Terni (10 minutes by car from Marsciano, junction on the E45 highway), and with Foligno and Spoleto (30 minutes by car).

The village, of medieval origins, has kept the essential features of the ancient Longobard military architecture, with its medieval walls, earthworks, buttresses, still intact towers and the small and tight alleys.

From the walls of the Castle you can enjoy the marvellous landscape of the Tevere valley, stretching from Perugia to Todi, while being surrounded by Umbria's typical hilly sight, full of woods and lands cultivated in the old traditional ways.

The settlement of Collazzone, as many other villages nearby, dates back to the Middle Ages. Hence, the villages' centre is often protected by fortified walls. Collazzone is also very renowned for religious tourism.

From the main piazza you can indeed admire the beautiful Church of St Lorenzo Martire, the portal attributed to Vignola (now the municipal building), and the Church dedicated to St Michele Archangel. Just out of the Castle's walls, you can find the St Lorenzo Cloister: originally a Benedictine abbey, in 1236 it was given to the bishop of Todi and later became residence of Jacopone da Todi, who spent in Collazzone a good deal of his life and here died in 1306.

"Il Serpollo" is a secular feast which celebrates life and joy: a rutilant and happy spectacle, a general carnival craziness which you will certainly enjoy.

In the squares and roads many people in medieval costume cook, joke, have fun and play themselves at your services to let you taste some daintiness in "serpollo's tavern" (in the main square).

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