Enjoy the unique and beautiful coastline around the Cape of Palinuro, renowned for its spectacular sea grottoes and natural formations. You can swim in crystalline blue water in a hidden cove, see the mystical light that filters in the caves (like the really crowded Blue Grotto on Capri), and bask in the sun and atmosphere for a day on the water. The folks at Gite Fantastiche make it easy, with boat trips from various ports so no matter where you are staying on the Cilento Coast you can join in. They take you to the Palinuro promontory and the famous bays, grottoes, beaches and coves.

Excursions From ports of Agropoli, San Marco and Acciaroli to the Cape of Palinuro: On Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Excursions from ports of Acciaroli and Casal Velino: On Mondays and Tuesdays.

They also offer shuttle service to the port from Paestum, Agropoli and Ascea. More information on their website.

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Ph. (+39) 339 842 6965.