The Cathedral of Salerno is one of the highlights of the city. Dedicated to Saints Matthew and Gregory (San Matteo and San Gregorio Magno in Italian), it overlooks the city and the sea from a perch on the hill. The church was commissioned and founded in 1801 by the famed Roberto Il Guiscardo, the Norman Duke of Puglia, and was designed after the renowned Abbey of Montecassino. Originally built in Romanesque style, it was redecorated in Baroque mode following an earthquake in 1688, following the fashion of the day.

The atrium has a delightful portico with 28 columns capped with arches, giving a tranquil and classical feel to the place. The crypt contains relics of St. Matthew and other martyrs, and is a fantastic kaleidoscope of colorful marble and mosaic inlay. A beautiful bell tower accompanies the church, a distinct line in the Salerno landscape with sonorous bells that was added in the 1200s. The Duomo Museum houses a nice collection of sacred artwork that is definitely worth a visit.

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Address in Salerno:

Piazza Alfano, 1.

Ph. (+39) 089 231 387.

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