The splendid cathedral of Citta di Castello is a work of art in its own right, but there are more treasures in the adjacent museum. Located in the palace building next to the cathedral, it contains ecclesiastic items and artwork that fills 12 rooms spread across two floors.

Here, you'll find exquisite frescoes that were taken from the church of San Biagio a Colle when it was deconsecrated, along with noted paintings such as Madonna with Child and St. John by Pinturicchio, and Christ in Glory by Rosso Fiorentino, among other Umbrian painters.

There are incomparable gold and silver items, finely crafted, and the museum's treasured collection called Il Tesoro di Conoscio (Treasure of Conoscio), 25 pieces of finely crafted early Christian era eucharist and liturgical objects, such as chalices and dishes. There are parchments, sculptures, and more, so be sure to stop in for a visit.

Next door is the Round Bell Tower, an unusual architectural feature in this area. With a double order of windows and 1-meter thick walls, it is 43.5 meters (143 feet) tall and open to those who want to climb the steps for a beautiful view over the city and the surrounding countryside.

HOURS: Open from 10:00 AM til 12:30 PM and from 3:00 PM til 5:00 PM (in summer, open until 6:00 PM). Closed Mondays (but in August open every day, including Monday).

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Address in Città di Castello:

Piazza Gabriotti, 3.

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