Castiglione del Lago is an incomparably delightful village located on a chalky promontory overlooking Lake Trasimeno with all the impressiveness of its castle, “Rocca del Leone”.

The village has very ancient Etruscan and Roman origins (the area was already inhabited when the promontory still was one of the four isles of Lake Trasimeno).

Castiglione del Lago has kept throughout the centuries a particular charm, thanks to the beauty of the old town centre, which is still ringed within medieval walls, with an outstanding view of Lake Trasimeno and Valdichiana, towards Cortona.

The old side of the town offers two splendid architectural examples, as bulwarks of its glorious origins: the magnificent Palazzo della Corgna and Rocca del Leone.

Provided with well-equipped beaches, camping and very good restaurants, Castiglione del Lago, along with Passignano, is a landmark for those who want to fully enjoy a relaxing vacation on Lake Trasimeno.

You can also find there an extremely efficient ferries service to the isles, a sailing club working all over the year, and a nice cycle track.

Good to know. the Italian Kite Association every year organizes a festival called “Coloriamo I Cieli” (Let's paint the sky).  It is one of the most important kite and hot air balloon festivals organized during springtime, which attracts thousands of people from everywhere in the world.


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