The spectacle of the Tyndaris archeological site is one you shouldn't miss when you're in northern Sicily. The ancient Greek city was founded by Dionigi di Siracusa in 397 BC as a military outpost. It was occupied by Hannibal and his Carthaginian troops in 264 BC, and conquered by the Romans ten years later. Tyndaris was sacked by Saracens in 836.

Today, there is much to see - the gorgeous views are reason enough to visit! But the archeological site has intriguing things to see, including the teatro greco (Greek theater), the terme hot baths, impressively preserved to see how the hot water was heated and circulated; the basilica -first Greek then Roman. The ancient road pavings and outline of the homes and buildings along them give a glimpse of the urban footprint of the town. The excavated finds are housed in the museum on-site - marvelous mosaics, sculptures, ceramics, coins. There are sections of the thick stone protective walls and massive stone block stairs.

The views

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Address in Tindari:

VIa del Teatro Greco.

Ph. (+39) 094 136 9023.

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