This picturesque fishing village lies on the Ionian coast near Giarre. The hamlet is connected to Riposto both administratively and literally - a long, palm-lined street links the two towns. It enjoys breathtaking views of Mt. Etna, Taormina and the sea. At night, lights from fishing boats twinkle on the water.

The name comes from the watch tower Torre Modo', that was part of the coastal defense system. The tower has Arabesque terra cotta decorations remaining, and its presence was cited in varying documents starting in the 1500s. The town itself was ceded to the Duke of Archirafi by the Bourbon King Carlo III in the 1700s, a title that continues to modern time.

The seafront town is a cute place with restaurants, pizzerias, gelaterias and shops giving it a lively feel. Summer brings beach-goers and its proximity to Mt. Etna makes it a good spot from which to explore the area. Trekking and biking excursions leave from here into the mountains and up the Alacantara River gorges. The pebble beach of Sant'Anna and the waterfront forest are nice natural spots to enjoy some peace and sunshine.

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