Torre a Mare, one of the most suggestive medieval towers along the Amalfi Coast, is situated on a lovely promontory, overlooking the emerald-green sea. The Tower, like an ancient sentry,  was built in order to protect the countryside from possible Saracen invasions.

It is located between Amalfi and Positano, on the lower part of Praiano, near the Marina di Praia beach, the only landing place of the Ancient Plagianum, reachable even by car. Behind it, you will see two high rocky walls, at the outlet of the rough Praia Valley.

There you will find many tiny streets “stolen” to the rock, from where you will enjoy spectacular views, smell unforgettable scents and let yourself be enchanted by the wonder of these fabulous Mediterranean colours.

The perfect place to steal a moment of eternity framed by the most romantic setting of the world! Torre a Mare now watches over and protects "Praia" and hosts the works of art and ceramics by the local artist Paolo Sandulli.

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Address in Praiano:

Via Terramare.

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