The beach of Marina di Praia beach is a natural fjord, located between Praiano and Conca dei Marini, where the water is deep and blue. Along with the beach of La Gavitella it is one of the two main beaches of Praiano.
In ancient times, Marina di Praia used to be the core of the activities of the village, the place where people built boats, fishing nets and prepared cured fish. Marina di Praia was also the landing place for ships that loaded wood brought from Agerola, by way of an aerial ropeway, to sell it on the shores of Africa.
Nowadays the beach mostly thrives with tourist activities: the Centro Sub Costiera Amalfitana diving center, boat excursions, sunbed and umbrella rental, bar, and the well-known restaurant Alfonso a Mare.
You will be able to reach the beach of Marina di Praia from Praiano or Positano using the local bus service (or enjoying a beautiful walk, maybe with the option to use the bus for the trip back up).

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