Easily accessible between Rome and Tivoli, a natural hot spring has brought relaxation and healing to Romans since ancient times. Pliny the Elder reported that “the soldiers wounded in combat were led to Acque Albule as the best place for cure, from which they returned cured” (Hist. Lib XXXI, 6). Sometimes called Acque Albule and sometimes simply Terme di Roma (Rome's hot springs), it is sulpher-rich with other beneficial minerals. Many come for specific cures - skin disorders and rheumatisms, for example- while others come simply to relax, unwind and enjoy a massage or mud wrap.

There are four outdoor pools (open from late spring through early autumn), and the indoor hydrotherapy pools open year-round. Inside, a "hydrovascular" series of jets hit all the body's pressure points from neck to ankle. There are spa treatments like massage, facials and more.

The Acque Albule Terme di Roma spa is located on Via Tiburtina Valeria (SP 5) at KM 22,700 (connected to the Victoria Hotel) between Rome and Tivoli. Cotral buses depart from the Ponte Mammolo metro station every 15 minutes (line B); or a train from Tiburtina -the Roma to Pescara line- stops 150 meters from the spa (Bagno di Tivoli stop).


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Address in Tivoli:

Via Tiburtina Valeria km 22,700.

Ph. (+39) 077 440 8500.