The largest contrada (district) after Pantelleria centro, the area of Scauri is just eight kilometers from the primary city, and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Situated around the ancient port, the town sprawls along the coast and the hills, with plenty of services, bars and restaurants to provide for all needs. It has the only cinema on the island, and in summer the discos attract lots of dance-craving folks. There is a contemporary art gallery that appeals to the culture crowd.

The Porto Vecchio really is vecchio (old), having been used by the Romans in their active commerce with northern Africa. The port is protected from winds, susceptible only to the southerly scirocco winds that sometimes blow from Africa. At the port's entrance, there is a shipwreck about 6 to 10 meters below the water's surface, from the 5th century, great for divers and snorkelers to look at. The lighthouse lends a romantic air.

All along the volcanic coast are coves and caves. Of course, with its western location, the sunsets from here are spectacular! Rent a boat or kayak to explore the area by water. Trails lead up Montagna Grande, to La Favara volcanic area with its steaming rocks, or to the natural sauna known as Grotta Benikula'. Or, just make your way to the beach and enjoy the crystal-clear water and the lapping waves.

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