On the island of Pantelleria, the "beach" of Sataria is more of a swimming hole than a traditional beach. In fact, sandy spots are rare on this volcanic island. There are two draws at Sataria - a beautiful bay with reefs and rocks to sun on, and hot springs in two basins with platforms for reaching them and sitting. One of the basins opens to the sea. And there is a grotto that accumulates steam, like a free, open sauna.

The "beach" part is reached by the cement platforms, and by scrambling on the rocks. (Most of Pantelleria is with way so be sure to have a pair of water shoes!) But the spot is really lovely, and you get the sea water and the thermal water in one go.

To reach it, park on the road, then descend the staircase. There are no services, so bring your own towels, umbrellas, and bottled water and snacks. (Be sure to pack it all back out at the end of the day!)

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Address in Pantelleria:

Grotta di Sataria, Strada Perimetrale, Penna.

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