Pescia Roman straddles the Lazio-Tuscany border amid fertile fields that give way to the wide sandy beaches of the coast. The area is an agricultural center where grains, vegetables and fruits are grown. It is just a few kilometers from the sea, where miles of sandy beaches offer wide expanses for sunning and sports. Old farmhouses are scattered around the countryside, and nature reserves protect the natural habitat and keep wide areas in their natural state.

The town is small with only 2,600 inhabitants yet has a variety of services, including coffee bars, supermarkets, green grocers, a baker and a pharmacy. There are a few restaurants both in town and in the countryside nearby. The beaches provide summer entertainment and eateries, too. Pescia Romana's coast has the distinction as the "last beach" - the last one in Lazio where it melds into the Tuscan coast. The town is divided into "new town" and "old town". In the old section is the church of San Giuseppe Operaio, an unusual hexagonal-shaped structure with a dome that mimics its shape, decorated with frescoes. Just minutes from here is the fanciful Tarot Garden, and the Etruscan towns of Tarquinia, Saturnia, and Sovana.

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