A hamlet in the hills above Giarre and Riposto, Nanziata is a frazione of Mascali, in view of Mt Etna and minutes to the Ionian Sea. It's location on the slope near a valley saved it from the lava flows that destroyed its sister city of Mascali, though hardened lava can be seen at the outskirts of town.

Nunziata has ancient roots -perhaps Greek origins, but certainly a Roman presence, and a Byzantine background, as well. There was a Basilian monastery and the church of the Nunziatella was one of the most important in the area, with high Byzantine frescoes from the 1100s. With fertile land, the town grew in the 16th century, with olive groves and citrus groves all around.

The church of the Nunziatella is a must-see, dedicated to Madonna dell'Itria. Don't miss the church "del Carmine" just outside town, a neo-classical chapel, where frescoes from the 16th century were recently uncovered during a restoration project.

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