Located southeast of Rome near the hill towns of Sermoneta and Norma, this delightful garden is a romantic oasis in the valley. The gardens were planted amidst the ruins of a once-noble estate and around the remains of a medieval watch tower. It seems like a spontaneous act of nature reclaiming the land and creating beauty among the ruins.

You'll find tranquil meandering paths, bubbling brooks with stone bridges overhung with wisteria, along with water canals and little cascades. There are more than 1000 plant species, including more than 300 varieties of antique roses. It is an enchanting spot that is frequently called “the most romantic garden in Italy”. There are micro-climate zones that allow for tropical plants not normally found in Italy. There is an enchanting bamboo forest, and a "secret garden" (additional fee but worth it) in a cloister-like setting, complete with swans and other surprises.

(But check before you go; Ninfa Garden has quirky hours, open only the first weekend and third Sunday of every month from April through October. You'll find the calendar of openings HERE.)

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Address in Sermoneta:

Via Provinciale Ninfina, 68, Cisterna di Latina .

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