One of the most beautiful seaside spots for a swim on the Amalfi Coast is the beach at Conca dei Marini. It's known for its relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery, where villages cling to the cliffs and the turquoise sea sparkles in the sunlight. This is a particularly nice choice because the beach is well served by restaurants, bars and facilities for bathing. There are ample umbrellas and chairs for rent, and refreshments to quench the heat.

The waterfront is always very clean and protected from westerly winds at the Cape of Conca. The exposure is far to the east and, because of a steep cliff, the beach is in the shade from early in the afternoon. It is located a few miles past the town of Amalfi, along the main road that leads towards Positano.

At Conca dei Marini, you'll also find the interesting remains of a watch tower, the Torre del Capo di Conca (also known as Torre Saracena locally) which was built on a promontory in the bay to help protect against invasions by the Saracens. There is also a sea cavern, known as the Grotta dello Smeraldo (emerald cave) to explore here.

Marina dei Conca has restaurants and cafes. Many of the restaurants offer free water taxi service from Amalfi, and other boating companies offer water taxi service to the beach, making it an easily accessible destination for the day.

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