Hosteria Toledo is a tiny no-frills kind of place that serves good, honest Neapolitan cuisine at fare prices. Tucked into a small storefront in one of the narrow, canyon-like streets that make up the maze of the Quartiere Spagnoli, this down-home restaurant has postcards taped up everywhere, thank you notes from grateful eaters worldwide.

You can't go wrong with the saute of clams an appetizer (or order it as a main course, if you'd like) or the impepata di cozze (peppery stew of mussels). The pastas include rigatoni with baby shrimp and arugola, vermicelli with mussels, pecorino, and zucchini blossoms, or the Naples' hometown favorite, spaghetti with baby clams. For main dishes, the bass in a salt crust is a local recipe and the fried baby calamari are perfectly crispy and light and tender. The desserts are famous and include all the tasty pastries that Naples is famous for. They also serve pizza (this is Naples, after all!)

Service can be a little brusque. Prices are reasonable. Closed Tuesday at dinner.

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Address in Naples:

Vicolo Giardinetto, 78.

Ph. +39 081 421 257.

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