Close to the center of Naples but a world away from the traffic and noise is this unique archeological park, one that is completely underwater! The Parco Sommerso di Gaiole (Underwater Park of Gaiole) is located in the Gulf of Naples on the north-west side of the city, where the so-called Campi Flegrei meet the Mediterranean Sea. Near Pozzuoli, this is an area of volcanic calderas and crater lakes that are part of one big volcano.

The underwater park is next to a land-bound archeological area in the Neapolitan district called Posillipo. The Villa Imperiale Pausilypon and Parco Archeologico di Posillipo are connected in history to the now-submerged Roman remains. The park, covering 42 hectares of the bay, along 2 kilometers of coastline, has an ancient port, aristocratic villas and temples all lying below the waves. The Marine Protected Area is a beautiful spot for those who like scuba and snorkeling where you can see much more than just fish and reefs!

The plants and marine life that have taken up residence among the ruins have had a protective effect on them, keeping them from crumbling away in the waves and erosive nature of the salt water, while conversely the ruins have provided suitable habitat for these species. It's a fascinating look at biology and archeology together!

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