Ciliverghe is a mostly modern town that is part of Mazzano, to the west of Lake Garda, between the lake and Brescia. While it is not a tourist town, it does have an important museum complex, the Villa Mazzuchelli, that houses four museums in one historic villa estate. It is worth a drive over to explore these cultural exhibits.

The villa itself is a beautiful attracation, built in 1722 following Palladian-style architecture. It sits in the countryside just outside Ciliverghe and is home to cultural events as well as special exhibits, in addition to the normal museum displays. Here you'll find the Museum of Fashion and Costumes; the Museum of Wine and Corkscrews; the Casa Museo, which highlights the house and its furnishings; and the Art Gallery. The villa was built by the Count Mazzucchelli, whose family once controlled the area as a feudal estate..

Also in Ciliverghe is the charming chapel dedicated to San Filippo Neri, built in 1680 in neoclassic style with painted vaults.

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