Capalbio on its hill with the old town encircled in its protective walls, looks like a jewelry box. And the castle with its tower is the gem nestled on top. The 12th century castle is simply referred to as the "rocca" but that doesn't justly define the elegant sight.

It's also called Rocca Aldobrandesca; while it had originally been part of a Trappist monastery, it was the Aldobrandeschi family from Rome that enlarged and fortified it, and turned it into a stronghold. After about a century and a half it passed to the Orsini family of Pitigliano who controlled a vast swath of the area known as the Contea degli Orsini but their hold on it was brief as the territory was conquered by Siena in the beginning of the 1400s. When Siena fell, so did the castle, this time to the uber-powerful Medici's of Florence and their grand Granducato di Toscana.

The castle has been used as a set in films and TV, and is a beautiful sight defining the skyline of Capalbio, right at the top of the town, with its sturdy bastions and elegant tower. Be sure to visit, as you can walk among the ramparts and it affords fabulous views from its lofty position.

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