While the island of Capri isn't big in land mass it is big on mountains, making it a knee-challenging place to get around! Many of the streets are pedestrian-only, but there are a few feet-saving buses to help you get around a bit easier.

The public transit system consists of pint-sized buses that traverse some of the narrow, winding roads. They can help you get back uphill from Marina Piccola, for example, or over to the charming town of Anacapri. The 10-seater mini-buses will bounce you between Capri and Anacapri in 15 minutes, or from Capri to Marina Piccola in 10 minutes (more importantly, they'll whisk you uphill, the harder part of the walk!) They also go from Capri's Marina Grande to Anacapri (25 minutes) and from Anacapri to Grotta Azzurra (20 minutes).

The port of departure and arrival at Capri town is Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria along Via Roma, just a few steps off the Piazzetta. In Anacapri the hub station is in Piazza della Pace.

Cost is €1.80 for a one-way ride; €2.70 for one hour of transport; or €8.60 for a day pass.

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