With nearly nine kilometers of beach Badesi offers up one of the longest beaches in Sardinia, giving you space and sand no matter which section you choose. Backed by dunes and lush vegetation it feels natural and almost wild, though there are some areas that offer services.

Li Junchi Beach. The central section right at Badesi Marina, this one offers the most services, is handicap accessible and has a playground for kids. There are shuttles from town, restaurants and bars, and showers. With white sand, turquoise water and easy accessibility, it's a popular beach. Sections of free beach, and areas with concessions that rent umbrellas and sun beds.

Baia delle Mimose. South of Li Junchi, you'll find the same soft sand but less crowds, as it is more tucked away. There is a parking area (fee) or you can take the shuttle bus from town, but to get to the beach you'll have to walk a short path through the dunes. Mimose offers the essentials -snack bars, some concessions if you want an umbrella, showers, and there is a dog beach at the south end.

Li Mindi Beach. Situated to the north of Li Junchi, this one is an undeveloped beach without rows of umbrellas set up by concessions. Bring your own shade and beach blanket. There is a car park where you'll find bathroom facilities and a bar, otherwise there are no services here. A short walk through myrtle and juniper-covered dunes gets you to the long, uncrowded beach.

Lu Poltu Biancu. Between Li Junchi and Baia delle Mimose, the Poltu Biancu beach is a free-access beach of white sand without development or services, just uncrowded beach.

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