An opulent Renaissance villa on the outskirts of Florence with manicured Italian garden, this is a place worth visiting for a view of Renaissance life. The Villa Caruso was made famous by one of its renowned owners, the tenor Enrico Caruso, who purchased it and lived here until his death in 1921.

It was built in 1500s for abbot Alessandro Pucci, who wanted symmetrical Mannerist style for the property. For the gardens he brought in the landscape designer and sculptor who helped create Florence's famed Boboli Gardens, to create a truly organized and cultivated space. It was changed little through the centuries. With the two separate buildings, the design included a connecting wall, topped with a walkway above and an arcaded sidewalk below, to create a harmonious aspect of the property.

Caruso bought the place in 1906 and undertook an exacting restoration. He remained here until he died in 1921, when it was sold to the Gucci family. They retained it until 1995 when it was purchased by the City of Lastra. It is now a headquarters of arts and culture, with an emphasis- naturally!- on music and opera.

The gorgeous garden is a manicured and formal space with Renaissance style symmetry and elegance. It is a joy to stroll through and admire the flowers and plants.

The villa is used for events and concerts, and there is a noted restaurant housed here, too, called I Sapori di Caruso.

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Address in Lastra a Signa:

Via Bellosguardo, 54.

Ph. (+39) 055 872 1783.

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