Vietri sul Mare is well known for its ceramics. Brightly painted examples tile the dome of the cathedral, brighten the buildings of the town and pave the floors of many palazzi and homes. While wandering around town is almost like an open-air museum with all the ceramics on display, a formal museum chronicles the history of the craft in the Salerno area, which goes as far back as the fifth century BC!

The manufacture of decorated ceramics hit its height just after the 16th century and is still the town's main trade. The museum takes you on a thematic and chronological tour through four centuries of Vietri ceramics. It is housed in the lovely Torretta Belvedere, an old watch tower decorated with fanciful crenellations, that sits on the grounds of the elegant Villa Guariglia, in the hamlet of Raito, just above Vietri. The opulent villa overlooks the sea and has a church, gardens, and terraced cultivated land that cascades down to the Mediterranean.

A visit to the Museo della Ceramica Vietrese is a must for anyone interested in the pretty designs and history. It is open from 9:00 AM til 3:00 PM daily. Closed Mondays.

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Address in Vietri sul Mare:

Via Nuova Raito.

Ph. (+39) 089 211 835.