At the southern end of the stunning Cilento Coast is a spectacular site for scuba enthusiasts. The Cape of Palinuro juts two kilometers into the Mediterranean and rises 200 meters above its sapphire waters. Sheer cliffs and concealed coves are a dramatic sight and an underwater opportunity.

Palinuro counts 35 caverns and grottoes secreted in the cliffs' depths. Some are completely submerged, making this a magnet for spelunkers, snorkelers and scuba divers. The Cape is also home to some unusual sea species found only in the waters of Palinuro, making it a destination for marine scholars, too.

Boat excursions to the grottoes can be arranged at the marina. A day motoring around the cape, stopping for a swim in a hidden cove, and exploring the internal wonders of the rocks and sea is a great reason to visit Palinuro!

The Blue Grotto is the most visited and most accessible. It reflects a brilliant blue hue thanks to the sunlight streaming in through the entrance tunnel.

The Sala della Neve (Hall of Snow) is a unique sight. A sulfur spring bubbles up in the middle; white sulfurous deposits and calcium particles form on the ceiling and sometimes "snow" down into the cave.

The Violet Grotto has a patina of manganese that reflects the rays of sunshine and emits a violet hue on the water. Vaults create high domes, and a second cave is rich in stalagmites, stalactites and columns.

The Cathedral is an enormous cavern with four soaring domes overhead.

The Grotta del Lago has its own internal lake in its midst.

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