Capri's Blue Grotto is so famous it hardly needs a mention. The popular azure cavern is the result of the play of light on the walls of the cave when sunlight filters in through a submerged opening, casting a magical blue hue in the depths and on the water.

Once part of the playground of Emperor Tiberius, there were remnants of Roman gods' statues found in the cave. It was long forgotten because during the Middle Ages, the local population believed the cavern was haunted. Rediscovered in the 1800s, it became a popular spot, and is now the most visited spot on the island, a must-see sight during a tour of Capri.

You can arrive at the mouth of the grotto by boat or by hiking trail. Either way, you'll have to get into a row boat to enter, crouching down to be able to clear the low entrance. Inside you'll find the enchanting blue and perfect acoustics that the Grotta Azzurra is known for; your boat-man will likely sing a few strains to let you hear the musical qualities of the cave.

The Blue Grotto is not accessible if the sea is too choppy, so visiting it may be the luck the draw. If you happen to be there when the boats are able to enter, it will be a Capri moment - a magical, if touristy, experience!

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