A nice place for a Lazio lunch is the Trattoria Il Vigneto ("the grape vines") in the lakeside village of Colle di Tora. It's a good place for a day trip, to enjoy the tranquility of the woods, hills and little lake. The restaurant is family-run with real home cooking. The pasta is handmade, the vegetables from the family's garden, and meat and cheese are locally sourced. The wine is from just across the border in Abruzzo, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo for red, and Trebbiano for white. Don't miss the arrosticini, a local specialty (lamb meat skewers), and any of the satisfying pasta dishes.

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Address in Castel di Tora:

Via Turanense, 4.

Ph. (+39) 076 571 6214.