A museum that is sure to delight the kids and interest adults who are train enthusiasts, the Museo Ferroviario Puglia is housed right at the station in the old rail yards. With the primary building dating to the 1930s it lends an air of time to the place, letting you go back to a different era.

One of the few museums in Italy dedicated to rail transportation, this one takes a look at the various forms and functions of trains and the facets of rail transport. It highlights the state-run system as well as small regional lines. On display are models, dioramas, photos, tools, implements, signal lights, radio equipment and more. Of course, the highlight and the joy of children are the actual trains that you can climb aboard and tour. There are steam engines, locomotives, baggage cars, passenger carriages and others housed in the rail yard.

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Address in Lecce:

Via Codacci Pisanelli, 3.

Ph. (+39) 083 222 8821.

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