The best way to see Palermo is from the roof of the San Nicola tower!. The hefty square defensive tower in the Ballaro' district was built in the 13th century using solid stone blocks. The tower rises four floors and is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari; the full name of the tower is a mouthful - San Nicola di Bari all'Albergheria. It is next to the church of the same name.

The tower's first level bears cross-vault ceilings and a masonry staircase that takes you to the second floor. Here is a spiral staircase to access the upper floors, where photographic exhibits are often on display. Then it's on to the roof level - with its panoramic terrace looking over the skyline and terrain of Palermo. The gorgeous view from the upper terrace sweeps over the old city with its domes and bell towers and rooftops, to the landscape beyond. It affords visitors the best old city view of Palermo available!

The Torre di San Nicola is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:30 AM til 2:30 PM. Cost is €2.50. You can contact them through their website.

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Address in Palermo:

Via Nunzio Nasi, 18.

Ph. (+39) 380 864 6602.