Anchored by a rocky promontory, this beach is located at the south end of the Ascea seafront, where they sandy expanses give way to reefs. The scrub-covered hills plunge down to the water here. Up above is the medieval watch tower that was part of the coastal defense system. In front of it, the little island rocky outcropping called Isacia, which gave the town its name, Ascea.

On one side is sandy beach, on the other, rocky reefs, so this location can satisify everyone -those who want to sun on the sand and those who want to snorkel or swim among the reefs. The beach enjoys the fragrance of the wild sea lilies that grow in the landscape here. The golden sand is soft and fine. Facing west-southwest, it gets good sun all day. There are a couple of snack bars and concessions that rent umbrellas and sun beds, along with open free beach to enjoy.

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Address in Ascea Marina:

Punta del Telegrafo.

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