The long history of Cortona can be seen in the archeology museum but also on the streets. There are a couple of ancient roads built in the Roman times, and one of them makes a pleasant walk. It will take about an hour roundtrip and leads through gardens, along old stone walls, and offers stunning views of Lake Trasimeno during the walk. Lace up your shoes and set off!

The Roman Road of Cortona (mentioned in Under The Tuscan Sun)

"We're dazzled by the remains of a Roman road over the hill covered with wildflowers. We will follow the stone road into town for a coffee late in the afternoons." -Francis Mayes, Under The Tuscan Sun.

Walk through town to the public gardens, follow the public gardens all the way to the tennis courts. This is the Strada Basolata, the old Roman road with beautiful views of the valley and Lago Trasimeno. From the tennis courts continue following the now paved road as it starts to wind around the back of the hill. You will follow it along past the villa known as Bramasole, the Francis Mayes house made famous in her book, Under The Tuscan Sun. The road continues on to Torreone. At the intersecting roads you will see a small bar on your left; turn left and then right onto a road that heads back into the top part of town. The route takes about an hour to go full circle at a moderate pace.


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