A nice walk to get away from the crowds is the path that leads to the Natural Arch. From the Piazzetta - follow the signs towards Villa Jovis, along either Via Longano, or Via Le Botteghe. which wind through the characteristic alleyways lined with houses and stone walls decked out with blooming vines. At an intersection with Via Matermania, continue along, following the ceramic painted signs towards the Arco Naturale. It's a pleasant walk that gives you a glimpse of island life away from the tourist center, with views into courtyards and towards the town.

You'll reach a piazzetta, from here you'll follow the pathway and steps down to the overlook for the Natural Arch. The beautiful wind-swept and sea-swept formation is like a rock window overlooking the impossibly-blue sea below. Once a cave, it was eroded into this arch. The pathway continues right down to the sea for the hardier walkers who want to explore the grottoes below.

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