The Museo del Merletto on the pretty vibrantly-painted island of Burano is a craftsy highlight. After you've watched the intense art of glass making on neighboring Murano, the delicate craft of lace-making comes to life in this small but interesting museum. It is located in the historic Palazzo del Podesta', which was built to house the rulers of Burano, but then was the school of lacemaking from 1872-1970. It was a highly prized elite skill and the women who learned Burano point-stitching were much in demand.

The museum showcases incredibly beautiful examples from the 16th century to the present through videos, illustrations, vintage items, costumes and an abundant array of lace pieces. There are local women at work to demonstrate the painstaking craft. A cafe and bookshop are tied to the theme, as well.

The Museo del Merletto is open from 10:00 AM til 6:00 PM from April through October; it closes at 4:30 PM in the winter months. Closed Mondays.

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Address in Burano:

Piazza Galuppi, 187.

Ph. (+39) 041 730 034 .