The Cathedral of St Pantaleone was originally built by bishop Papirio in the later 11th century.  It has subsequently undergone considerable alterations, especially in the 18th century, which have altered its spirit, though leaving its underlying structure substantially intact.

The Cathedral is flanked by a handsome bell-tower dating to the 14th century, and entered through magnificent bronze doors made by Barisanus of Trani in 1179.

The interior is notable for its magnificent pulpit dating to the 13th century. The pulpit represents a wonderful fusion of the classic, Byzantine and Saracen style. Opposite to it stands a no less magnificent ambo.

The nave and the transepts are decorated with paintings of some value, while the choir is adorned with a handsome episcopal throne and paschal candelabrum.

The Chapel of San Pantaleone houses the reliquaries of the blood of the Saint to whom the Cathedral is dedicated.

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