A grand, gothic palazzo is the home of the contemporary art world's most prestigious event, the Biennale of Venice. The organization's offices may be housed in this historic palace on the Grand Canal, but their mission as a cultural institution is to promote artistic trends, especially regarding modern art.

They organize international contemporary arts events, which include the International Film Festival, the Art Expo, an Architectural Expo, as well as a festival dedicated to contemporary music and dance. The Biennale is considered the most important art festival in Italy and it attracts visitors and artists from around the world. It is held every other year, in odd years. It started in 1895 and focused mainly on decorative arts but in the post World War I era started to focus on innovative trends. After World War II it went more avant garde, with contemporary and pop art taking center stage. It is still known as the showcase of art and architectural trends.

The Biennale's center stage is in the Giardini, a Venetian park with 30 pavilions dedicated to the event, along with other venues throughout Venice. It features displays, vidoes and workshops, along with other periferal art forums held in concert with the exhibitions.

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