A sumptuous space for opera and plays, the Teatro Massimo is a gorgeous theater with some surprises inside. Officially dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele, the first king of Italy -it's name is Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emmanuele- it is simply referred to as the Massimo. And massimo (or best) it is! It is famous for its perfect acoustics, making a performance here a truly spectacular and memorable experience.

The theater opened in May, 1897, following 20 years of construction and squabbles. The auditorium is a plush horseshoe-shaped jewelry box, gilded and draped in red velvet, with six levels of boxes plus the gallery floor seating. The dome-like ceiling contains 11 painted segments, outlined with gilded moulding, that depict The Triumph of Music, painted by Luigi di Giovanni. But those painted segments hide an ingenious device - they can be opened to ventilate the auditorium with a system of ropes and pulleys!

The Teatro Massimo offers dramatic operas, beautiful ballets, and musical evenings that include symphony, jazz and more. Tickets can be purchased online, and an evening in this beautiful place is really a special event.

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Address in Palermo:

Piazza Verdi.

Ph. (+39) 091 605 3580.

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