The colorful weekly street market in Sorrento takes place every Tuesday in Via San Renato. Held from 8 AM to 2 PM, this is an open-air market where you can buy a range of goods, from clothes to household items to food. Fresh produce, cheese vendors, and specialty items are available.

In any local market, from Naples and along the whole Sorrento Coast, take a few minutes to watch the exchange of words between buyer and seller; it is like being catapulted into a theatrical scene. Getting a discount is the goal of any housewife -and avoiding one is the goal of the vendor! Here in the Naples area, they use their best oratorical arts to achieve their goal; watch and learn!

The market is a good place to see a slice of daily life, so take a bit of time to stroll through and take it all in.

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Address in Sorrento:

Via San Renato.

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