Take a hike up Cefalu's landmark promontory for spectacular views and a bit of history at La Rocca. The high hill was called Promontory of Hercules by the Phoenicians for its shape like a giant head. Mule paths still crisscross to the ruins that were once used to transport goods up to the castle. A trail was fortified in the Middle Ages, that still winds up three levels to the fortress above.

The castle was built in the 12th century and enlarged by Frederick II. The perimeter was walled and crenellations added. There is a megalithic construction dating back to the 10th century BC called the Temple of Diana. The Rocca provides a dramatic backdrop for the city. Pellegrine falcons roost here, and the panorama is breathtaking.

To reach the Rococa, start in the Piazza Garibaldi then find Vicolo dei Saraceni. This puts you on the path known as Salita Saraceno, a stone-lined path that leads up to the top. Be sure to take water with you, especiallyi in the hot summer!

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Address in Cefalù:

Piazza Garibanldi.

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