Despite the breezy island atmosphere, Capri is an upscale destination - with shops to match. The gorgeous island is frequented by the rich and famous (just look at those yachts moored in the harbour!) who won't settle for less than the best, and Capri has a shopping street with all the latest trends and leading labels. Just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta, you'll find Via Camerelle, an attractive lane lined with pastel buildings decked with awnings, with flowers climbing the walls. This is the hub of shopping activity, with Fendi, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace among the designers with shops here.

Jewelry stores, cafes, gelaterias and mainstream stores are also found here. Keep your eyes open when strolling Via Camerelle, you just might sight some celebrities along the way!

What to buy on Capri? Apart from fashion items, the island is famous for a few products. Hand-made sandals have been crafted here for decades, coveted by famous and regular visitors alike. The stalwart store is Canfora, where the range of colors and bling to accompany the sandals are limitless. Lace and embroidery are Old World crafts still carried out here, and decorative ceramics are also made on Capri. Limoncello, the potent, sweet lemon liqueur can be found in many shops. La Parisienne is the place to get made-to-measure Capri pants, a fashion trend made famous here. They'll alter the perfect pair for you in a day. Perfume is another tradition, with a local manufacturer that uses the islands abundant flowers and herbs to produce aromatics, carrying on in an old monastery with recipes used by monks for hundreds of years.

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