Before you take the funicular to Marina Grande, the port for ferries and hydrofoils do not miss an aperitif in the exclusive Piazzetta di Capri.

Piazza Umberto I is the famous Piazzetta di Capri, open to the views of Monte Solaro and of the sea. The Piazzetta is the center of the island of Capri for tourists and locals alike. All those arriving in Capri shall go through the narrow passages left by the tables of the bars, where people meet for lunch or just to have a chat. In the Piazzetta are the news-kiosk of the village and the small tourist information office.

On one side of the Piazzetta, opposite the staircase, there is the Town Hall with the stem of a fluted column and a fragment of a circular marble base, found in the twenties during the construction of the port of Marina Grande, probably belonging to the Augustan villa of Palazzo a Mare. On an other, there is the church of St Stefano, rebuilt in the late seventeenth century, mixing the Baroque style domes to the Arab tradition (in the chancel, you'll find the Roman floor marble inlays from Villa Jovis).

In the intimate space of the piazzetta, the holidaymakers meet at one of the cafes (where is not uncommon to be seated next to a world-class VIP) to enjoy the views of the underlying Marina Grande, and to savor their share of dolce vita, no more and no less.

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Address in Capri:

Piazza Umberto I.