Gaeta's favored beach is Serapo, not just because it's close to the center of town, but because it offers a long sandy expanse for everyone to enjoy. The beach arches along the shoreline for 1.5 kilometers, and there are many "lido" concessions to choose from for an umbrella and sun loungers. That means there are also lots of restaurants and snack bars, too. (It also means there are only a few pieces of free beach!)

The beach has fine golden sand, and is in a sort of bay, anchored at the south by Monte Orlando (and the fascinating Montagna Spaccata), and to the north by a low promontory. Just off the shore is the so-called Nave di Serapo, a rocky reef island that resembles a ship.

This beach is popular with Gaetani and area residents, as well as foreign visitors. It is easily accessible from town.

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